Developing a new healthcare app for patients with a particular chronic disease

User interfaces for health care apps can improve the quality of life of patients, and help them to have active lives despite their condition. In this fact, we highlight the importance of creating a well-designed interface for health care apps to support patients monitoring key parameters, recording daily personal facts, and treatment adherence. In this research project the main objective is to apply visual communication methods into the design of user interface for health care purposes, in order to create an exceptional and innovative tool. Visual communication in apps can include pictures, graphs, charts, and symbols which can be used independently or as an adjunct with other communication methods. In developing the new user interface for health care app, some features will be reinforced such as transparency in guiding users, supporting representational systems, minimizing cognitive load of users, and ease of use.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ron Wakkary


Leila Aflatoony


Curatio Networks Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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