Developing an Active Worker Strategy for Office Workers

The overall goal for the Active Worker Strategy is to increase movement within the workplace. Office workers tend to be inactive within their working environment, which may cause an increased risk of developing work-related pain later in life. This investigation is going to look into creating office layout guidelines in order to promote a more active worker, and provide an early intervention to possible pain developers. Using technologies such as FitBits, we will attempt to better understand the amount of movement an office worker performs in a day. Mobility strategies will then be introduced to half of the participants to determine if education improves in-office mobility. In addition, it will be determined if worker anthropometric measures, lumbar/pelvis flexibility tests, and eVAS self-report of pain have a significant impact on identifying pain developers from non-pain developers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Andrews


Emilie Halle





Furniture and household appliances


University of Windsor



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