Generation of production data for highly variable manufacturing

Mass customization relates to the ability to provide customized products or services through flexible processes in high volumes and at reasonably low costs. Massuni is well into the development of a system that vertically integrates a user-facing interface that enables unskilled users to design and customize individual pieces of furniture, with the ability to efficiently produce items by applying the principles of “mass customization” and “Digital manufacturing”. The ultimate goal is a system that specifies every conceivable piece of furniture and has the ability to build this range of products in geographically distributed production cells. In order to reach this goal, a core capability is the translation of the user’s specifications into data for manufacturing. This data takes various forms, including Bills of Materials for supplier procurements, Cut lists for traditional processing steps, CNC code for CNC production operations, and work schedules to optimize labor usage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Beck


Yue Yan


Verso Furniture Inc.


Computer science


Furniture and household appliances


University of Toronto



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