Developing an automated tool for SAR parameter optimization

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites provide wide area global perspectives through images of the Earth’s surfaces and its governing processes. Capable of detecting small
variations in surface roughness, and unconstrained by lighting and weather conditions, SAR is a robust remote sensing instrument. Designing and operating a SAR is a complex process, as there are numerous design and operational parameters. The challenge is to optimize a few key parameters that are the primary determinants of image quality and coverage. Traditionally, this task has been handled manually in a spreadsheet, and can be extremely time consuming. In the instance when a SAR platform undergoes frequent changes in altitude and attitude, continual manual updates of optimal parameter calculations is infeasible. For this project, we propose developing an automated tool that can be used to solve for SAR operating parameters. For Urthecast, the rapid response of such an automated tool is invaluable to providing near-live SAR imagery of the earth.
Faculty Supervisor:

Chen Greif


Julie Nutini




Computer science


Aerospace and defense


University of British Columbia



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