Developing m-health application framework

MedInstructional Resources Inc. focuses on providing turnkey solution for the education needs of the medical professions. Our current focus is on improving the reliability, agility, accountability and quality of medical student exams. The widespread adoption of mobile computing devices like tablets, offer the possibility to digitize the process of conducting student/patient exams in hospitals. MedInstructional Resources has identified as its goal to develop applications for mobile devices for use in situations where multiple examiners, multiple students and multiple stations are involved in order to make the administration of these events more efficient, cost-effective, secure, faster and reliable.
The partner organizations will be benefited from the results generated by this project. As we develop the system, we will take an iterative or agile approach where the development of system components is independent from each other. This will result into more flexible and more maintainable system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ralph Deters


Kazi Shahzabeen Rahnuma


MedInstructional Resources Inc.


Computer science


Life sciences


University of Saskatchewan



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