Developing Methods for Quantification and Characterization of Fucoidan Present in Laminaria Digitata Extract

Using simplified language understandable to a layperson; provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern(s) as well as the expected benefit to the partner organization. (100 – 150 words) 7 Fathoms Seaweed Skincare (7FSS) is a small business that has developed products which incorporate an extract of Laminaria Digitata seaweed. The extract is prepared using a proprietary method and customers have reported dermatological and other benefits to using their products. The beneficial properties of their skincare products are thought to be due to the presence of fucoidans. Fucoidans vary depending on the seaweed they are obtained from, extraction methods used and geography. They can have different structures, molecular weights, degrees of sulfonation and other functional groups. The intern will develop a method to quantify and characterize the fucoidan in the 7FSS extract. The primary objective of this internship is to develop an analytical method using mass spectrometry to characterize the amount and structure of fucoidan present in 7FSS aqueous seaweed extract

Faculty Supervisor:

Francesca Kerton


Olivia Wyper


7 Fathoms Seaweed Skin Care






Memorial University of Newfoundland



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