Developing power line network modeling method considering wind effects

This project aims to develop and evaluate new geometric modeling algorithms of power line and building objects, which are required for conducting power-line related asset risk analysis in challenging environment considering wind blowing effects.The project also aims to integrate newly developed algorithms into York University’s in-house power line modeling test bed and evaluate their performance using GDI’s extensive inventory data. It is generally known that modeling accuracy and reliability become greatly degraded under the circumstances when intermediate or strong wind is blown on sites. The wind-adaptive modeling algorithm will enhance the precise identification of a potentially hazardous area based on PL models under challenging environments. The expected benefit to the partner can be summarized as: (a) Efficiency – eliminating the labor intensive rectification of modeling errors caused by wind effects, (b) Accuracy – more accurate clearance quantity which threaten PL systems under wind blowing conditions, (c) Productivity – enhancing the updating process of a geospatial database in challenging environments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gunho Sohn


Yoonseok Jwa & Heungsik Brian Kim


GeoDigital International Inc.


Engineering - other


Information and communications technologies


York University



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