Development and Commercialization of a Novel Catalyst System for Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation of Industrial Wastewater Pollutants

The aim of this project is to develop a novel catalyst system for treatment of organic and nitrogen containing pollutants in wastewater generated by various industrial sectors. Development of such system is necessary as the discharge regulations are becoming increasingly restricted. The research focuses on electrode design and fabrication that treat toxic wastewater, with an emphasis on the catalyst material, i.e. platinum group metals (PGM) alloys, and mixed metal oxides (MMO). Design and manufacturing of Ultra High Surface Area (UHSA) materials, and improvements to fabrication method of the electrodes is a goal of this research. Development of advanced electrochemical oxidation catalyst into a 3D patterned electrode structure will provide substantial improvements to the removal rate of pollutants, as well as catalyst lifetime, which further lowers the operative costs and eliminates the need for additional secondary oxidants.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank van Veggel


Michael Watson


Axine Water Technologies




Natural resources




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