Development and Implementation of Technology for Haptics-Enabled Image-Guided Operation of the Amadeus® Robotic Surgical System

Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery is an emerging field in research and industry. A major challenge with the existing medical robotic systems (including the da Vinci® from Intuitive Surgical) is the lack of haptic feedback (sense of touch). On the other hand, medical imaging is only used for direct visualization in the existing systems. Certain surgical sub-tasks (such as simple cuts, cleaning and suction, etc.) can be automated using imaging feedback and visual serving to assist surgeons during the operation. The proposed project will focus on (a) design and development of a force sensing mechanism and haptic feedback to give the surgeon a sense of touch; (b) efficient use of imaging feedback in the control loop for partial automation of certain surgical sub-tasks which are less critical but may be tedious; and (c) development of master-slave teleoperation in the presence of communication delays. The goal is to implement and test these on the Amadeus® Robotic Surgical System developed by Titan Medical Inc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rajni Patel


Mahdi Azizian


Titan Medical Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Life sciences


Western University



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