Development & Benchtop Testing of Minimally Invasive Surgical Device

Xpan Inc. is developing a patent-pending expandable laparoscopic access port device. Xpan needs to develop its proof of concept prototype into a high-fidelity prototype through a series of iterative design, prototyping and benchtop testing.
Research must be performed to select appropriate biocompatible material that achieve user requirements. Research must also be performed to evaluate the performance and efficacy of several different designs that Xpan is contemplating to develop. Research must also be performed to investigate appropriate manufacturing methodologies for the device, as well as perform address the design for manufacturing requirements. This research will help Xpan create higher industry traction, raise private equity funding from investors and use this funding to hire talented engineers, business development professionals and ultimately establish manufacturing jobs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Bouwmeester


Jonathan Adams




Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences




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