Development of a Borehole Muon Detector for Muon Tomography

CRM Geotomography Technologies (CRM) has developed detectors that are able to measure cosmic ray muon particles underground. By measuring the rate at which these particles pass through the detectors, it is possible to reconstruct a three-dimensional map of the density of the earth’s subsurface above the detectors. This technique is called muon tomography. CRM’s detectors have been successfully used to search for ore bodies in and nearby existing mines. However, to leverage this technology more effectively in the oil and gas industry, and in searching for potential mining sites, the shape and size of the detectors needs to accommodate the dimensions of typical boreholes. The objective of this project is to develop a portable detector that can be easily deployed inside industry standard boreholes. The successful completion of this project will allow CRM to engage new clients in resource exploration as well as in underground monitoring applications. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Bernd Stelzer


Jacobus van Nieuwkoop


CRM Geotomography Technologies Inc


Physics / Astronomy





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