Development of a business model to plastic packaging waste management: the case of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

By being moldable, durable, light, and inexpensive plastic packaging has seen a rapid growth in the use and its disposal is becoming a planetary challenge. Besides sustainable production and consumption globalized trade in waste plastics represents a significant option towards a circular economy. China, who so far represented the greatest importer of this material, recently (2017) implemented a policy banning the importation of most plastic waste and rising global concern regarding the destiny of this enormous displaced material flow. In this context, the present project wants to offer insights on the waste plastic disposal and management within the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) and how to cope with the potential future impact of this policy ban on the already critical situation for the region. Starting with Life Cycle Assessment of different waste management practices, including the disruptive feedstock recycling technology of the industrial partner, a multi-criteria decision model is implemented to analyze potential waste management scenarios. As a final step, a Not-for-Profit (NFP) Business Model Canvas (BMC) to waste plastic packaging management is proposed to minimize costs and increase the social and environmental benefits for the MMC while possibly being exported to other cities with similar plastic waste market and policies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-François Guertin


Leonardo Tricomi




Engineering - other




Université de Sherbrooke



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