Development of a clinical protocol for the validation of a detection test for ??amyloid aggregates in retinal scan images.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is difficult to detect early before apparent manifestations of cognitive decline. Current detection methods rely on expensive and hardly accessible imaging techniques (PET scans). Optina Diagnostics developed a new camera as well as innovative image processing methods to propose a non-invasive test to identify the presence of AD biomarkers in evaluated individuals. The objective of this collaborative effort is to develop a clinical protocol to test this new technology. We will define best research design for validation and establish the clinical value of the new test for the detection of early signs of neurodegenerative disorder. This will provide an opportunity of training for a student in a clinical environment and with a partner from the industry in relation to a cutting-edge technology. For Optina Diagnostics, it is an opportunity to mobilize expertise in clinical research, epidemiology and evaluation of new modes of intervention, in order to prepare a sound application for FDA approval of their technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marie Beauséjour


Mohamed Sangaré


Optina Diagnostics


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices


Université de Montréal



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