Development of a Deep Learning algorithm to improve the image quality of the pictures taken by Quartet® real-time

1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness, such as depression, Alzheimer’s & Parkinon’s during their lifetime. Currently, there are no treatments for these diseases, because the underlying causes of these diseases is not known. Neurescence has developed a technology that is essential for understanding how local and long-range neuronal circuits form to create healthy brain function, hence understand how these neuronal circuits are disrupted in each disease. This project is related in developing the technology required to obtain crucial information that will help companies and academic institutions to develop new treatments for brain diseases. The result is not only helping to push our knowledge of the brain and find better therapies, but also helping Neurescence realize its commercial goals, resulting into creation of jobs for highly skilled workers in STEM fields.

Faculty Supervisor:

Taufik Valiante


German Alonso Ruvalcaba Alvarez


Neurescence Inc.


Engineering - biomedical




University of Toronto



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