Development of a Gateway Embedded System for Smart Lighting Control

There is a growing demand to conserve energy at the load side using smart lighting systems in the buildings, warehouses, and other facilities. In a smart lighting system each of the electrical devices (e.g. sensors, lights, actuator, appliances, etc.) is regarded as a wireless node capable of communicating with other nodes through an available wireless technology. The proposed R&D activity targets at developing a gateway device which is an important component of a Bluetooth enabled lighting system which uses the BLE technology for internetwork communication between different nodes. Bluetooth v4.0 or Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless technology is a newly introduced technology with much lower power consumption compared to the devices equipped with standard Bluetooth technology. The low power low cost BLE enabled devices creates a new opportunity to reduce the power consumption of the wireless nodes in smart lighting systems. The main objective of this R&D activity is developing an embedded gateway system. The gateway is responsible for communicating with the master nodes in the entire lighting system through standard Bluetooth technology. Meanwhile, it should be able to communicate with a PC (as central controlling unit) through USB cable and other gateway devices using one of the wide range wireless technologies like Wi-Fi.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. M. Moallem


Sepehr Attarchi


Unity Integration Corporation


Engineering - other


Alternative energy


Simon Fraser University



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