Development of a handheld water quality monitoring platform incorporating a low-cost electrochemical sensors array

Multi-parameter monitoring of water quality parameters in resource-limited and sparsely populated areas is a major challenge. A fully-integrated sensing platform with high-accuracy, efficiency and lower cost is, thus, crucial for continued water safety. In this project, we will developed a handheld water quality monitoring system with pH, total chlorine; temperature, and water hardness sensors for drinking and recreational water monitoring. The sensors will be made on low-cost, replaceable cartridge-based platform, controlled by a custom-designed printed circuit board (PCB) connected to a smartphone App. The cost of the sensors will be <$4 and the cost of readout system and application software will be <$50. This one-of-its-kind and fully-integrated water quality monitoring system will be user-friendly, cost-effective, offering real-time sensing capability in remote areas. The platform technology will help diversify EBPI’s current portfolio of water quality test products, allowing for expansion into new commercial areas.

Faculty Supervisor:

M. Jamal Deen


Arif Ul Alam


Environmental Bio-Detection Products Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University


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