Development of a “Jennic Wireless to Ethernet” gateway embedded system

The proposed R&D is a part of larger project currently developing by Unity Integration Corporation on intelligent lighting systems. This project is consisting of different parts such as wireless motion detectors, wireless ambient light sensors, control systems, predictive software and web-based user interface. The proposed R&D mostly focuses on the development of a gateways embedded system which is an essential part for setting up a wireless sensor network. The gateway is a bridge between the internal network between the endpoints and the internet. For communicating with the central monitoring unit, the routers and endpoints should first be able to communicate with the gateway, and the gateway is responsible for sending or receiving the necessary information data between the endpoints and the central processing unit. The development of a gateway which can convert the Jennic wireless technology to the Ethernet is the primary objective of this proposal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. M. Moallem


Sepehr Attarchi/Gaspare Boscarino


Unity Integration Corporation


Engineering - other


Construction and infrastructure


Simon Fraser University



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