Development of a low-cost tool for skin cancer screening

The proposed research project is intended to develop an educational tool for the general public to be able to perform self-screening of their skin lesions. For this, a melanoma-detection mobile application will be developed to analyze lesion images acquired using a low-cost dermoscope attached to a smartphone. This product helps public or students to learn more about skin cancer and increase their self-awareness for early skin cancer prevention and treatment. The application automatically finds a lesion in a captured image. After lesion analysis, it displays different irregularities may exist in the lesion. It then explains for the user what these irregularities are and how these concepts are related to skin cancer. The partner organization will benefit from the product as there is huge interest in buying such educational, self-health and self-awareness application. Furthermore, the project can pave the way to higher goals and more expert systems in the future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stella Atkins


Mohammad Izadi


MetaOptima Technology Inc.


Computer science


Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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