Development of a method using immuno-Raman for the simultaneous imaging of 15 biomarkers for immunotherapy of breast cancer.

We propose a novel approach that will provide researchers with an improved method to study multiple molecules, simultaneously in the same tissue section. Our strategy is to use novel nanoparticles that each emit unique multispectral signature and can be used simultaneously. We aim to develop a novel method to detect 15 breast cancer and immunotherapy-related biomarkers at the same time. The capability to detect a multitude of biomarkers simultaneously on the same tissue section would provide unprecedented headways in the field of cancer research and particularly on tumor profiling. Extensive characterization of tumors is central to the development of personalized therapies such as immunotherapy, which is now considered one of the most promising and innovative approach to treatment in the fight against cancer. In parallel to this project Photon is developing an imaging instrument tailored to the imaging of multiple biomarkers at the same time as well as a data analysis software. In combination with the results obtained in this project, Photon will be able to position themselves in the market of as a new major medical device player in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Martel


Charlotte Allard


Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation




Medical devices




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