Development of a model for computational sea ice monitoring – Year Two

The proposed research project focuses on the development of a novel model for the computation of sea ice parameters in near real- time relying on satellite data. The interdisciplinary team will investigate solutions for high performance computing to monitor sea ice and calculate ice parameters with the high spatial resolution. This project includes R&D activities in sea ice modeling, calculating parameters of ocean interaction with sea ice and designing algorithms for satellite data processing and analysis. Mathematical methods would be used to distribute the geographic region of interest to various processors and thus minimize the computational time. By linking remote observations and modeling efforts, the outcomes of this research will represent a step change in capabilities for operational sea ice forecasting and monitoring. The proposed project fulfills C-CORE research goals as the world leading organization in sea ice and remote sensing solutions to provide timely and highly accurate ice information to the off-shore industry. The project will greatly contribute to the existing practices of sea ice monitoring because it addresses needs in various industrial and scientific applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ronald Haynes


Siva Prasad




Statistics / Actuarial sciences



Memorial University of Newfoundland



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