Development of a new conductive carbon ink for printed sensors for smart diapers

Urinary incontinence has been always a tedious and a distressing health problem, especially for elderly people in nursing home residents. To address this issue, an effective management system is highly required to enhance the quality care, prevent health issues, and reduce labor costs. This project is focusing to develop a flexible and wearable sensor based on carbon nanomaterials. The final product, in addition to the sensor, consists Wi-FI module and app. While the wetness activity will be transmitted through the Wi-Fi to a smart device, the app performs analysis and alert in real-time the care providers. The module will be designed carefully to detect the exact location of the wetness in the diaper, and quantify the amount of urine for medical purpose from one side and avoid triggering the alarm from the other side when the volume is negligible.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ricardo Izquierdo


Ahmad Al Shboul


Seneca Sense Technologies Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical






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