Development of a new sample introduction system for inductively coupled plasma spectrometry

Numerous industries and government agencies carry out analyses every day using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) instruments that typically waste 95% of the sample. A greener approach would not generate any sample waste. During this project, an infrared heated pre-evaporation tube will be developed and coupled to nebulizers from the industrial partner so as to allow 100% sample introduction. A significant improvement in the smallest amount that can be measured by ICP instruments should result, along with freedom from sample-dependent effects, which will enable calibration using a single set of standards. This project will be carried out in collaboration with Telegistics Inc., who owns Burgener Research Inc., the only Canadian company fabricating nebulizers that are essentially impossible to clog. The resulting sample introduction system will greatly facilitate analyses by all Canadian laboratories employing ICPbased instruments, while allowing the partner company to expand, thereby creating new jobs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Diane Beauchemin


Yoseif Makonnen


Telegistics Inc.






Queen's University



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