Development of a point-of-care medical instrument for detection of COVID-19 virus in saliva

Fourien Inc. is developing a diagnostic medical instrument for rapid and low-cost detection of COVID-19 virus using saliva samples from early-stage infections. The custom-built vibrometer instrument will use micro-sensors to detect the RNA of the virus. There is a need to develop optimized and sensitive modules of optics, electronics and mechanics that are critical for the instrument to work. The intern will use her prior academic experience to bring creative solutions to industry problems. The successful completion of this research project will enable Fourien to commercialize the virus detection technology in clinics, labs, and pharmacies. It will also well position Canada to export the technology to the rest of the world.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jie Chen


Nandini Debnath




Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Alberta


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