Development of a ‘Point of Care’ traumatic brain injury management device using electroencephalography to guide treatment and rehabilitation

Using electroencephalography based technology, it is possible to study brain function over short periods of time. Building on previous Mitacs funded research, we are developing a point of care device based on the Halifax consciousness scanner called NeuroCatch, that is cheap, portable and easy to use. The ability to monitor changes in brain function after injury is critical in determining the effectiveness of therapy and guiding rehabilitation. The interns will carry out clinical studies comparing brain function in patients with traumatic brain injury and comparing the results with healthy individuals. This project will help the sponsoring company, Health Technology Connex, meet its mandate to commercialize novel technologies to improve the health care outcomes for patients. In addition, the interns will benefit by receiving funding to support their studies as well as being exposed novel, realworld research opportunities in medical technology in both an academic and business environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Carolyn Sparrey


Sujoy Hajra


Health Tech Connex


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices


Simon Fraser University



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