Development of a simulation model for prediction of performance of an anesthesia circuit using a novel CO2 separation system

Anesthesia is delivered to patients in vapour form, supplied via Mechanical ventilation in closed loop anesthesia circuit. This necessitates the removal of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during respiration. Currently, anesthesia circuits use granulate-based CO2 absorbents that react with CO2 to remove it from the gas stream. However, anesthetic vapours also react with the chemical absorber producing toxic bi-products that have been connected to negative patient outcomes. DMF Medical Inc. has developed an early stage prototype device that provides an alternative method for CO2 removal. To finalize device specifications and produce a market ready system, optimization of device performance and material properties is required. In this project, Dr. Hanafi will create a comprehensive and accurate computer model that enables testing a range of mechanical ventilation conditions on different simulated patient conditions to find the optimal design parameters to minimize concentration of CO2 in the system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jan Haelssig


Hamed Hanafialamdari


DMF Medical


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


Dalhousie University



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