Development of a spectroscopy light transport simulation software for absorption, fluorescence, elastic & inelastic scattering optical contrast in biological tissue

In this project a software will be developed to model the propagation of light in biological tissues and different types of events that may occur while light is interacting with the medium. The modelling is based on tracing a large number of photons launched in the tissue and applying a stochastic model for the possible outcome of the interaction of each photon and the tissue. Using this software, it will be possible to trace several chemical agents inserted in the tissue which are targeting certain cells including the cancer cells. Furthermore, such a software can be used in different spectroscopy applications including measurement, diagnosis, guidance, and quality control in several clinical and surgical applications which are of great importance and interest for the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frédéric Leblond


Ehsan Edjlali


Institut national d'optique


Computer science


Life sciences




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