Development of activated carbon from petroleum coke and electrolyte design for electrical double-layer supercapacitors – Part 3

Supercapacitors are electrochemical energy storage devices that promise fast charge-discharge rate, high power density, and long cycle life. However, low energy density, high cost, and safety risk of supercapacitors are yet to be addressed in order to deploy the technology into wholesale grid storage. This research project will design low-cost and high-performance electrode and electrolyte for supercapacitors. We will develop activated carbon from petroleum coke as the main component of electrode material, and design a novel high-voltage and safe electrolyte to improve the energy and power density and safety of supercapacitors. This project will help the industrial partner, Atlas Power Generation Inc., commercialize supercapacitor technology for grid scale applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jian Liu


Behzad Gorji Pour Shafiee


Atlas Power Generation


Engineering - other






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