Development of Advanced Smart Medical Bandage Using Memory Polymeric Film/Yarn Actuator – Year two

Bandages have been used to provide compression therapy to manage chronic venous disorders such as leg ulcers and other muscle related orthopedic issues. They have several major problems such as pressure loss over time, no external pressure control, and no massage benefit which make inefficient treatment. There is an imperious need of any innovation which could solve these practical issues. Based on the applicant’s research expertise, a stimulus responsive smart memory polymeric material is proposed to use as a film/yarn in the bandage to control the pressure externally. Memory polymer will be synthesized/engineered to actuate around human body-temperature. A novel stress-memory behavior will be systematically investigated, where the force can be externally modulated. The film/yarn will be integrated into textile bandage with nanofibrous sensor to prepare the medical device for real-time pressure monitoring. The performance evaluation will be carried out to ensure the practical feasibility. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Ko


Harishkumar Narayana


Texavie Technologies Inc


Engineering - other




University of British Columbia



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