Development of an annular array histotripsy transducer with co-registered ultrasound imaging

This project will focus on the design, fabrication and testing of an annular array-based histotripsy transducer that will improve the combined ultrasound imaging and therapy endoscopic device currently in development at Daxsonics. Histotripsy is a method of focusing high intensity ultrasound waves to liquify tissue and is a promising new method of accurately removing tumors with much less damage to surrounding tissue than current methods. This device will be part of a surgical suite for minimally invasive neurosurgery, enabling removal of tumors with extremely high precision. The current design uses an acoustic lens to focus ultrasound to a fixed point. In this project an annular array will be used to enable the focal depth to be electronically moved, resulting in increased penetration depth and more rapid tissue removal.

Faculty Supervisor:

Geoff Maksym;Jeremy Brown


Matthew Mallay


Daxsonics Ultrasound Inc.


Engineering - biomedical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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