Development of an Electromagnetic-Transient (EMT) Compatible Model for Power Transmission Line Tower and Tower-Footing Grounding System

Transmission lines expand over hundreds of kilometers and are the most vulnerable component of a power system to lightning strikes. Damages to equipment, high repair costs, and loss of revenue could happen when the lightning hits the transmission tower or conductors. Tower grounding systems in transmission towers play a major role for mitigating the over-voltages. The impedance of the tower’s structure contributes to the total impedance of the system as well when subjected to lightning surges. Time-domain macro-models will be developed that are compatible with power system simulators (such as PSCAD/EMTDC) and enable the calculation of currents and voltages along the tower structure considering several geometric factors and ground parameters. PSCAD/EMTDC, a simulation software used widely in the world, has been developed at MHI/Manitoba HVDC Research Centre. Collaboration with academia (University of Manitoba) on this project will provide PSCAD/EMTDC with advanced simulation tools calculate lightning-induced overvoltages more accurately.

Faculty Supervisor:

Behzad Kordi


Bamdad Salarieh


Manitoba Hydro International Ltd


Engineering - computer / electrical





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