Development of an infrastructure for AAL technology data exchange to inform policy and governance guidelines

The UbiLab and the CSA Group are collaborating on the development of a roadmap for a data integration infrastructure that will enable Ambient Assisted Living technology to share data at a wider scale. The current technology landscape has resulted in manufacturers of Internet of Things and Ambient Assisted Living technologies generating siloed data that provide limited benefits and insights to the final users. The infrastructure being proposed in this project will enable data to flow seamlessly between Internet of Things, mobile health, and Ambient Assisted Living technologies, empowering innovators to leverage larger amounts of data for their product development. We will explore the technical infrastructure, as well as the necessary policy and governance guidelines to enable innovators to integrate the data generated by their new technology with the platform being proposed. This project will enable the UbiLab and the CSA group to become leaders in Ambient Assisted Living data integration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Plinio Morita


Dia Rahman


Canadian Standards Association


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices




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