Development of an Integrated sensor system for automated on-the-spot measurement of physical soil properties

This project focuses on the development of an integrated physical soil properties sensing system as an add-on option for a new electrically powered autonomous off-road platform (e.g., robotic electrical tractor). The system will allow further expansion of the electric tractor’s robot functionality when collecting soil samples and or mapping land resources. The sensor system incorporates conventional sensor technologies as well as innovative sensors such as acoustic propagation and air permeability sensors, in order to autonomously collect data and generate soil property maps. This reduces the labour normally required to collect samples while increasing the quality and quantity of available soil data through standardized measurement operations, providing important information such as soil texture, compaction, and moisture.

Faculty Supervisor:

Viacheslav Adamchuk


Pierce Dias Carlson


Ztractor Inc


Engineering - other




McGill University


Accelerate International

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