Development of compact and portable vibrometer for microfluidics cantilevers for blood diagnostics

In this project, we are looking to find a way to design a low-cost vibration measurement equipment that is portable, sensitive and affordable by medical staff. Therefore, to develop it, three different modules would be designed: sensitive optics, miniaturized optics; low-noise and high-speed electronics, using extremely sensitive electronics components; compact and lightweight housing, by utilizing porous 3D printed materials. These three engineering areas will help decrease the cost of a vibrometer down to few hundred dollars.
The partner organization is currently collaborating with a few medical doctors in the community to utilize this device for diagnosing diseases at early stages. These diseases range from predicting cancer through blood clotting or even flu. A low cost and indigenous design will allow enable them to become the local provider of this equipment which is highly desired in industries ranging from medical to research as well.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rafiq Ahmad


Nabil Khalid


Central Institute of Technology


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Alberta



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