Development of compact enhanced nebulization systems for inductively coupled plasma spectrometry

The measurement of toxins, such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium for example, in food, beverages, environmental samples, waters, etc. must be carried out to verify that there is no danger. This requires analyses of numerous samples each day using instruments that can measure the small amounts that may be present. This research involves the development of a simple and compact accessory that can be added to existing instruments to reduce waste, facilitate analyses by enabling the measurement of even smaller amounts of toxins, and increase the number of samples that can be analysed per hour. Because Burgener Research will manufacture and distribute this accessory, it will directly benefit from its sale. In fact, Burgener Research may have to expand and hire more employees in order to respond to the demand, as the instruments that will benefit from this accessory are used coast-to-coast in Canada and worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Diane Beauchemin


Ahmed Hejami


Burgener Research




Information and communications technologies




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