Development of Control Strategies for Western Flower Thrips Associated with Vegetation Propagation Material used in Floricultural Greenhouses

The use of propagative material represents one of the major methods used for crop establishment in the Ontario floricultural greenhouse industry. A portion of this propagative material is important but there also is substantial inter- and intra-provincial movement. It is important to remain vigilant to potential introductions of insect pests through transfer of this plant material which may result in problems with insecticide resistant insect strains, contamination of otherwise insect free greenhouse facilities with cosmopolitan insect pests, and/or alien invasive species. The focus of this study is to investigate ways of mitigating problems associated with the introduction of insect pests on propagative material. The technology will be transferred to FCO grower members to help them establish pest-free plant materials from the outset. The introduction of pest-free uncontaminated cuttings into greenhouses would ensure that biological control programs could be firmly established or maintained from the outset with minimal impact on production and potentially reduce the necessity to use corrective pesticides in the long©term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cynthia Scott-Dupree


Wendy Romero


Flowers Canada Ontario






University of Guelph



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