Development of Cost-Effective Solutions for Energy Management in Smart Buildings

The proposed research aims at developing control strategies under the paradigm of Demand Response (DR) in the context of the Smart Grid in order to improve energy efficiency and to reduce operational cost in commercial buildings and communities. The emphasis will be put on consumer side energy management strategies that able to balance energy demand and supply and to reduce the overall operational cost while providing an enhanced performance. The envisaged solutions lie mainly on autonomous demand response management in smart buildings including peak shaving, consumption scheduling, and load forecasting. The achievements of the present project will allow the industrial partner, Fusion Energy Inc., to enhance their solutions for energy management through optimization of mechanical and electrical equipment, automation, and real-time energy consumption control.

Faculty Supervisor:

Guchuan Zhu


Waselul Haque Sadid


Fusion Énergie Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical




Polytechnique Montréal



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