Development of Efficient Electrodes for an Electrosynthesis Process

The proposed project focuses on the research & development of efficient electrode materials for use in an electrochemical process that produces high-value chemicals for use in a variety of industrial applications. As an electrochemical process, significant portions of the production costs are attributable to electrical power consumption; therefore, improvements in energetic efficiency would result in appreciable reductions in production costs. Major energetic losses arise from inefficient electrode materials and the instability of catalytic coatings on the electrodes arising from the harsh operating conditions. Our research aims to identify stable and efficient electrode materials using the techniques and expertise developed by the partner organization, FireWater Fuel Corp., for related hydrogen production applications. FireWater Fuel will benefit from the ability to attract highly trained personnel to our team in order to accelerate the commercialization of our catalyst technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Simon Trudel


Derek Wasylenko


FireWater Fuel Corp.




Alternative energy


University of Calgary



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