Development of Framework to Assess Fire Risk

The intern will assist in developing a component of a probability and statistical risk based methodology for completing quantitative risk assessments of building designs and a corresponding probabilistic failure based methodology on fire causation and spread. Data collected by Sereca Fire will be applied to construct more specific models, which can predict the frequency of occurrence of fire given the type of occupancy and construction. The second part of the project includes data collection and cleaning. The data collected by of Office of the Fire Commissioner of BC will be cleaned and applied to the models obtained in the first part. These models will allow the partner to predict risk associated with fire safety design and promote changes to the building regulations that are reflective of statistical based models. It helps the partner to find a performance driven building code system that is dynamic and will allow for changes with time based on risk.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Harry Joe


Eva Luo


Sereca Fire Engineering


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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