Development of Herd Navigator as a health management tool for dairy farms

Herd Navigator (HN) is a “precision technology” for dairy cow management based on in-inline milk sampling and advanced data analysis. This system has recently come to market in Canada. The proposed project will combine analysis of data from the HN system and controlled field trials to develop and validate best management practices for health, production and reproduction. This research will benefit the dairy industry as a whole by providing better information that help improve diagnostic, therapeutic and management plans resulting in the well-being of dairy cattle and profit to the dairy producer. Our industry partner (DeLaval-Canada) will benefit from this project by generating evidence-based information that can help in promotion, marketing and user support for the product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stephen LeBlanc


Khaled Gohary


DeLaval Canada


Epidemiology / Public health and policy




University of Guelph



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