Development of Hormone At-Home Testing Kits

The ability of couples to conceive is highly dependent on hormonal levels. With age, conception becomes more challenging and there is a direct need for women to control their fertility by monitoring their hormone levels, mostly Estradiol. The purpose of this project is to develop an at-home testing kit for estradiol monitoring. By developing a sensor which is hyphenated to a wireless data transmission system, estradiol in saliva can be detected and the measurements made by the sensor can be transmitted through Wi-Fi to an app that can track estradiol levels over periods of time. In turn, women will be able to monitor their hormone levels from home, eliminating the need to go to
clinics on a more periodic basis and allowing them to take better control of their fertility decisions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Janine Mauzeroll


Siba Moussa


Eli Science Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services




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