Development of in vitro assays for identification of novel natural products that enhance muscle growth

For the majority of people, weight training builds skeletal muscle, which results in health benefits (e.g., improved disease risk and lifespan). However, despite training, some individuals have trouble gaining muscle (nonresponders). This lack of a response is likely related to an impaired ability to make new proteins (impaired activation of protein synthesis), and there is currently no remedy. Dietary interventions have the potential to boost muscle mass and may benefit individuals who would otherwise be non-responsive to a training stimulus. This project aims to screen a large number of natural products (compounds found in nature) to identify a compound, or cocktail of compounds, that activate protein synthesis. Our industry partner, Iovate Health Sciences, has a strong interest in the outcomes of the proposed research project and has the capacity to commercialize the findings by creating and distributing novel research-based health products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Moore


Daniel West


Iovate Health Sciences






University of Toronto



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