Development of industrially scalable graphene oxide acoustic transducers – Year two

ORA has developed a unique audio solution based on the use of graphene oxide (GO), an oxidized graphene produced by a scalable chemical method. GO shows a good balance of stiffness, density and damping when assembled into micrometers thick layered structure and has been shown to perform significantly better than commercial diaphragms by ORA. The biggest current challenge is to further decrease the production time and cost to an industrially viable level while maintaining the structural ordering and properties of the diaphragm. Here, we propose different chemical formulations and manufacturing solutions that will enable roll to roll production of GO diaphragms with minimal compromise on its properties. The development of these processes will help ORA complete its first customer delivery of over 3000 pairs of headphones and in the long run and pave the way for the mass production of its diaphragm material.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thomas Szkopek


Kaiwen Hu


TandemLaunch Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Advanced manufacturing




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