Development of Lignin-based Polymers and Nanomaterials for High Performance Engineering Applications

Lignin, a substance in the cell walls of plants, is produced as a waste when wood is processed into pulps, papers, and similar products. In addition, this organic polymer exists in massive waste wood chips generated by various forestry and wood processing industry sectors. To advance the circular economy and diversify forestry products, there has been a recent surge of interest to isolate and reuse lignin, especially in manufacturing of novel bioplastics and lignin-based nanomaterials. Advanced BioCarbon 3D (ABC3D) is a startup company based in Trail BC which has developed a proprietary method to extract lignin from waste wood. This project aims to develop a wide range of innovative products from ABC3D lignins, including polymer/lignin blends for high performance 3D printing filaments, and lignin-based carbon fibers for energy storage and composite reinforcement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Parisa Mehrkhodavandi;Frank Ko;Laurel L Schafer;Savvas G Hatzikiriakos;Abbas Milani;Jian Liu


Diana Kim;Nirmal Kuanr;Ziyue Zhang


Advanced BioCarbon 3D Ltd








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