Development of Methods to Increase Funding for Scaling-up Climate Solutions

Alarming cost forecasts about climate change are spurring interest in investment in technologies for climate change mitigation. Investigations indicate there are already innovative technologies that could generate significant climate change mitigation; however, innovators are not receiving the funding they need for rapid and large-scale implementation. This research project is directed towards developing methods for attaining substantial amounts of funding from investors for the scale-up of clean technologies. The objectives are to develop a robust and transparent procedure for connecting clean technology innovators with investors. Portfolios of potential investors and clean technology climate solutions that are most suitable for scale-up will be developed. The applications of selected clean technologies will be studied, and the knowledge acquired about the investors and clean technology innovators will be used to facilitate and customize engagement between suitable investor-innovator matches. The research outcomes are important for helping to mitigate climate change and for enhancing economic growth.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul O'Brien;Philip Walsh


Matt Malinsky;Quinn Daigle


Climate Solutions Advancement Network



Professional, scientific and technical services




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