Development of New Infrared Spectroelectrochemical Products

Jackfish SEC is a Saskatoon-based, for-profit company that makes specialty scientific equipment for academic and industry researchers. These tools are all based on vibrational spectroelectrochemistry – the use of light to study the molecules participating in reactions at electrode surfaces. The company wishes to extend its product line by capitalizing on the fundamental work being developed in Professor Ian Burgess’ research group at the University of Saskatchewan. Specifically, the company is looking to develop new tools for studying reactions related to electroctalysis. For example metals such as platinum and palladium are highly active toward “green-power” fuel cell reactions (the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy) but there are no commercially available, off the shelf, tools to spectroscopically study these reactions. The primary goal of this MITACS Entrepreneurship grant is to employ an intern who can focus on the development of these new capabilities – thus improving the profitability of JackfishSEC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Burgess;Matthew Paige


Ian Andvaag


Jackfish SEC






University of Saskatchewan



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