Development of new methods for screening bioilogics by means of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) coupled with Mass-Spectrometer (MS) via novel Open Port Probe Sampling Interface (OPP)

The methods for screening complex biological samples found wide application in pharmaceutics, forensic science and medical science. The majority of these methods involve several analytical techniques coupled together in order to maximize the efficiency of the analysis. For example, the combination of Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) with Mass Spectrometry (MS) creates a new analytical platform (CE-MS) that utilizes the separation power of CE and superior detection abilities of MS. The weak points of such a platform are the poorly developed coupling interface and incompatibility of CE and MS buffers. Thus, existing interfaces suffer from clogging and cannot keep the stable spray pattern, which results in poor reproducibility of the experiments. Incompatibility of CE and MS buffers does not allow analysis of non-volatile solutions, which limits the range of applicable CE approaches and requires additional steps of sample preparation. We are aiming to overcome all listed limitations by developing new CE-MS coupling model that will be utilizing Open Port Probe Sampling Interface (OPP). Next, we’ll be applying CE-MS coupled with OPP for the development of immunological assays and for the screening of disease-related biomarkers in the biological fluids.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Oleschuk


Stanislav Beloborodov







Queen's University



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