Development of new on-site sampling, high-throughput and high sensitive analysis for determination of small molecules in saliva

Saliva is a promising alternative specimen since it is easy and non-invasive to collect, and available at any time. Solid-phase microextraction (SPME) has been recently introduced as a green, simple, fast and sensitive sample preparation technique for high-throughput and in vivo analysis of drugs in various biological fluids, including saliva. The proposed research aims at combining the latest advanced in SPME and PerkinElmer’s Canada liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry technologies for 1) development of high sensitive and high-throughput analysis of drugs in saliva, 2) development of SPME procedures for rapid on-site extraction of drugs from saliva, 3) investigation of blood/saliva excretion of small molecules, and 4) development of disposable and single use SPME probes for creation of new saliva-based products for i) therapeutic drug monitoring, ii) doping control and iii) roadside testing for drug-impaired driving

Faculty Supervisor:

Janusz Pawliszyn


Vincent Bessonneau


University of Waterloo




Environmental industry


University of Waterloo



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