Development of new techniques for power system model validation and calibration

Dynamic modeling is one of the most important tools for the power system operation and planning purposes. In order to study the behavior of the system, which is subjected to disturbances, a valid knowledge of parameters of system components is essentially required. The objective of this project is to propose an applicable algorithm to identify the parameters of the power system components’ models. For the identification purpose, the actual power systems’ subsections data collected by phasor measurement units (PMUs) are employed. Afterward, the acquired model needs to be validated to assess the capability of the model in performing accurately in different operation conditions. This study is in line with the intern’s research topic, which is modeling, identification, and control of power generation systems. Moreover, this project will help the Powertech to add a tool to their software to predict the behavior of the power systems’ components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jeffery Pieper


Peyman Sindareh Esfahani




Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies




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