Development of Novel Chemistry for Copper Deposition by ALD

Copper is an important metal for microelectronics: it acts as interconnects (i.e., the wiring) between the devices in the microchip. As microchips get smaller, it is more difficult to make this wiring by traditional methods. Thus, a new technology (atomic layer deposition, ALD) is positioned to enable the deposition of copper when interconnects need to be formed on the nanoscale. Presently, there is no ALD process that adequately deposits copper with the necessary conductivity to act as an interconnect. This research will continue to develop the chemistry of a family of copper-containing compounds that show excellent characteristics for ALD. This family of compounds have been defined in a provisional patent application, and this term internship will provide the improvements that this technology needs to demonstrate its excellence as a premiere copper precursor.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sean Barry


Jason Coyle


GreenCentre Canada




Environmental industry


Carleton University



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