Development of Novel Gripper and Lifting Mechanisms for Automated Test Water Systems

This project involves developing novel gripper mechanisms for Mantech that has faced issues with their robots. The first challenge is the need for having grippers (not pneumatic) that are robust and light. To solve this, we will develop (model, design, fabricate) a novel electromagnetic gripper that is equipped with tactile sensors to ensure perfect grasping. The electromagnets are solenoid-driven, lightweight, have good speeds, and can preserve the throughput of the bottle inspection. Another challenge is the required modifications for bottle lifting mechanisms for which we develop mechanical model of the mechanism and add a feedback sensor, touch or tactile, to guarantee not missing any caps. Extensive experiments for both gripper and mechanism for different robot speeds will be performed to ensure reliability and repeatability. The novel proposed solutions will help Mantech remain competitive in the market. This project also trains a graduate student to acquire training in advanced mechatronics, control.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mohammad Biglarbegian


Kevin Chin Tai


Mantech Inc.




Environmental industry


University of Guelph



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